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BAckGRounD Sadie Lee grew up in Yorkshire before moving to London in 1988 sadie lee photograph by elissa cray
sadie photographed by elissa cray
1920's Classicism
1970's lounge kitsch culture
1960's drug induced psychosis
1950's american picket fence voyeurism
sadie lee photograph by elissa cray (manipulated by tracy godding)
original photo of sadie by elissa cray
    David Lynch
Coco Chanel
The Osmonds
sadie photographed by elissa cray
Sadie won the BP Travel award and spent time in Los Angeles studying American former striptease legends which became the series of portraits entitled 'Ladies of the Burlesque'

photographs taken while researching for 'The Ladies of the Burlesque' series of paintings in USA


Sadie Lee's imaginative paintings were first bought to the wider public attention when her double portrait 'ERECT' was selected for exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 1992. The image - two severe looking women sitting with arms interlocked glaring back at the viewer - was produced as a print to advertise the annual BP Award, within weeks 5,000 copies of the poster had completely sold out.

The same year Sadie captured media attention as organiser and curator of the ambitious project 'Exposing Ourselves.' The aim of the London-based show was to bring together the diverse talents of over 60 international artists.

As well as showing almost annually at the National Portrait Gallery, Sadie has had several one woman shows nationally and abroad. These include 'Venus Envy' at Manchester City Art Gallery and 'A Dying Art' - Ladies of the Burlesque' at the National Portrait Gallery (this was the result of winning the BP travel award and toured the UK for a year - see photos above). Sadie also had an exhibition entitled 'Don't Look' at the Gallery of Modern Art, Slovenia when she was selected as British Representative in the international contemporary art festival.

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